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Who We Are

Who is American Audiophile?

American Audiophile has brought High Quality Music and Video into our Customers' Homes for Over 35 Years
Having recently celebrated American Audiophile's 35th anniversary, our goal from day one in 1976 has always been to strive to select and offer to our customers and clients very high value products at a fair price.
Thanks to our loyal customers, that business model has put American Audiophile on 'sound' footing, both audibly and visually.
Whether it's the reproduction of a symphony orchestra, or of a string quartet or jazz ensemble, or of a movie & soundtrack, we are here to assist you in building you're a/v system.
Our thirty-five-plus years of hands-on experience selecting and delivering quality a/v systems to our customers' homes has allowed us to achieve a very high level of satisfied purchasers and families.
We will demonstrate, and we will deliver to you, a quality audio or a/v system. We will assist you in tailoring your expectations to your budget.
We can also integrate a system throughout your home so that a quality listening experience is achievable in each room. Best of all, you don't have to trade looks for performance, and as a plus, your PC or iPOD can be used as an a/v controller throughout your home.
Come in and talk to us - customers have for Thirty-Five Years!

You can contact us at 516.887.7530

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