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Our Products

We offer products from the following fine manufacturers

Adcom - Audiophile pre & power amplifiers, and home theater electronics

Anthem - Home theater components

Apature - Interconnects, speaker cable, connectors and adaptors

Astell & Kearns - Highest quality portable music players

Benz Micro - Phono Cartridges and Phono Preamps

Bryston - Surround Sound Processors, Preamps, Power Amplifiers, and Power Conditioners

Cambridge Audio - High value electronics for audio and video

ClearAudio - Cartridges and turntables

DaLite Screen - Screens for video and film projection

Draper - Video Screens and Shades

Epson - Home Theater Video Projectors

ESI - High End Audio Soundcards

Grado Laboratories - Phono Cartridges & Preamps
Headphones & Headphone Amps

Hegel Music Systems - High End Audio Electronics

Jaton - Electronics and Speakers

Jolida - Tube and Hybrid Electronics

Leon Speakers - Custom speakers to match your flat screen TV

Lovan - AV Furniture Home Theater Seating and speaker stands

M2 Tech - USB converters, DACS, & ADCs

Marantz - Full line of Audio and A/V electronics, and Video Projectors

Music Hall - Affordable Turntables and Electronics

Music Interface Technology - Audiophile Interconnects & speaker wire with Terminator technology

Mystere - High quality affordable tube electronics

Paradigm - Full line of speakers for Audio and Video
Paradigm Installation

Parasound - Electronics for High End Audio and Home Theater

Pathos - Fine electronics from Italy

Plateau - Modular AudioVideo Racks and speaker stands

Revel - state of the art speakers and subwoofers

Screen Innovations - makers of the Black Diamond 3 video screens
Seura - flat screen TVs hidden in mirrors

Sonance - The widest range of in wall/ceiling speakers from economical to State of the Art, subwoofers,outdoor speakers and custom installation solutions

Sonos - Digital Music Systems

Sumiko - Project Turntables, Cartridges, & Accessories

Teac Reference & Esoteric - High quality mini components and State of the Art CD/DVD playback

Thiel Loudspeakers - Audiophile Speakers for music and video

VPI Industries - Audiophile Turntables, Tonearms, & Record Cleaning Machines

You can contact us at 516.887.7530

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